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Deborah Butler gave birth to Malcolm Butler on March 2, 1990, in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Despite the fact that very little is known about his father, it is well known that young Butler attended high school in Vicksburg where he gradually picked up talents in a variety of activities, including athletics, that would help him in the future.

Malcolm, a 2009 graduate, entered through a scholarship program at Hinds Community College. Everyone around him began speculating that he would turn out to be a brilliant star at this time.

In 2012, Malcolm continued on to the University of Alabama to pursue a degree in physical education. When he began competing in Division 2 of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, Malcolm’s star began to reflect. He was responsible for 49 tackles for Alabama, 43 solo tackles, and 5 interceptions.

Butler’s motivations went beyond interscholastic rivalries. He signed on with the New England Patriots in 2014 after being suggested by his coach, Chan Gailey. His astounding performance of intercepting two passes and breaking 18 during his time at the University of Alabama may have also contributed to his selection by the Patriots.

Who Is Malcolm Butler Mother, Deborah Butler?

Deborah Butler is Malcolm Butler’s mother, and she was the one who first taught her husband how to hustle. When Butler and his siblings were still young, their unknown father abandoned the family. His identity is not known. Deborah, a single parent who was responsible for providing financial support for her five children, including Malcolm and his four siblings, held two jobs in nursing homes.