What is a Tennessee Titan mascot?

What is a Tennessee Titan mascot?

The Tennessee Titans of the National Football League use the mascot T-Rac. Raccoons are the official state animals of Tennessee, and he is a raccoon. In the team’s first home preseason game as the Titans,

which took place in August 1999 against the Atlanta Falcons, he made his debut. Prior to that, the team was known as the Houston Oilers from 1960 until 1996 and as the Tennessee Oilers from 1997 until 1998.

Pete Nelson was the first actor to portray him, and he continued in that role for 17 years before announcing his retirement from the role prior to the start of the 2016 NFL season. 

on Facebook, T-Rac has over 68,000 followers, while on Twitter and Instagram, they have over 7,000 and 9,000 followers, respectively. 

The very own T-Rac from the Tennessee Titans was awarded the title of “Most Awesome Mascot” at the inaugural “Hall of Games” event hosted by Cartoon Network.

The Gorilla from the Phoenix Suns, Bango from the Milwaukee Bucks, and the Phillie Phanatic from the Philadelphia Phillies were the other mascots competing against T-Rac.

Every Tennessee Titans home game that is played at Nissan Stadium is attended by T-Rac. There have been reports of T-Rac rappelling from buildings in downtown Nashville and zipping down lines from the top of the stadium.

In addition, the mascot makes appearances all over the state of Tennessee at different kinds of events, such as birthday parties and Play60 programs.

T-Rac also made an appearance on the premiere episode of season 2 of The Titan Games. At Titans games, Bartley Weaver is the one who plays the part of the Greek warrior, so he was there to show his support for Weaver.