What Is Roansy Contreras Salary: How Much Does Roansy Contreras Make?

Roansy Contreras

Contreras has pitched three innings and has thrown 46 pitches in a start. You’d think the Pirates could give him more and more innings in the majors by allowing him to start and then bringing in someone like Bryse Wilson to relieve him.

There’s also the prospect of an extra year of control to think about. Contreras is currently 22 years old, and the extra year will put him in his prime.

Roansy Contreras
Roansy Contreras

Contreras’ problem is that, despite his youth, he is undoubtedly one of the team’s greatest pitchers right now.

It’s not fair that the team isn’t contending this year, and it won’t be fair to him in 2028 if he isn’t a free agency due to some legal roster manipulation six years prior.

Under Ben Cherington, the Pirates don’t have a set approach to prospects, and what they do have is inconsistent. Contreras was demoted at the beginning of the year and is only back up for a brief time.

Diego Castillo, on the other hand, was promoted to the majors based on his Spring Training performance and is receiving a good look.

The Pirates did the same thing with Max Kranick and Rodolfo Castro in the past.

All three prospects are objectively worse than Contreras and have a decreased likelihood of making an impact.

And it’s not fair to Contreras that he’s too good for a system that only gives you a shot in MLB if you’re on the outside looking in.

The good news is that Contreras will be given another chance with the Pirates, whereas players like Kranick and Castro have shown that Castillo may not receive many opportunities before being passed over by someone else. That was Castillo in Castro’s case.

How Much Does Roansy Contreras Make?

Roansy Contreras earns a salary of $700000.