Where Is Germán Márquez From?

Starting pitcher Germán Márquez of the Rockies suffered a seven-run blowout against the Nationals in the beginning of May.

Márquez will be hoping all of May was a mirage by the time he takes the field Thursday night at Nationals Park, after concluding one of the least productive months of his career with yet another underwhelming performance.

Colorado’s 7-3 loss was mostly due to Márquez’s continued troubles, as he saw his ERA soar to 6.30, the second-highest record among qualifying Major League starters, after allowing five earned runs.

Germán Márquez
Germán Márquez

Márquez allowed four earned runs in his sixth start of the season, the most by any starter in the league. A total of 23 earned runs were allowed in 29 innings during five starts by Márquez this May.

Márquez remarked, “I’m going to go out there and pitch fantastic games, but baseball is always up and down.” “It’s imperative that I keep going,” she said.

After a successful 2020 season and a strong first half of last season, the 2021 All-Star appeared to be emerging as one of the National League’s most reliable starters.

His 6.20 earned run average (ERA) in his last 22 starts is abysmal by comparison.

Márquez’s ERA is two runs higher on the road, away from Coors Field, than it is at home in that time period.

He stated, “It’s difficult, but I have to keep going,” Márquez added. Even though I plan to pitch well this season, baseball is a fickle sport. “I can’t stop now.

The Rockies are hoping that Márquez’s performance in the first game of the series against the Nationals is a harbinger of things to come after he allowed four runs on 31 pitches in the first inning.

Where Is Germán Márquez From?

Germán Márquez is from Puerto Ordaz, Guayana City, Venezuela.That was where he was born and raised.