Jean Segura Children: Does Jean Segura Have Any Kids?

Does Jean Segura Have Any Kids?

Yes. Jean Segura has two Sons with his wife Kellen. Juan Diego Segura and Giancarlo Segura are his sons.

Jean Segura had a baby from a prior relationship who died at the age of nine months in 2014, almost forcing him to retire from baseball.

Jean Segura and his wife Kellen with their son

His son was suffering from an undisclosed ailment, but he appeared to be making progress in his recuperation.
The nature of the illness and how long the baby boy had been afflicted with it remain unknown.

Segura was placed on the bereavement list, and the Brewers brought up Elian Herrera from Triple-A Nashville to take his position on the roster until he’s ready to return.

Segura avoided going into detail about what transpired, saying simply that Janniel had become ill a few days before his death. However, he was immediately placed on the bereavement list and sent home to bury his kid.

The next 18 months were the darkest of his life, with balls and strikes at times seeming useless.

“I’d just think about him all the time,” added Segura, who is presently on the disabled list due to an ankle sprain. “I wasn’t saying anything. This game was not enjoyable for me.”

That was evident in his numbers.

Segura’s output plummeted after an All-Star season in 2013 when he batted.294 and swiped 44 bases. In 2014, he hit .247, and in 2015, he hit .257, never hitting more than six home runs.

His dissatisfaction was heightened by the fact that he was working just as hard as before, but the improvement was eluding him. That’s what prompted him to consider retiring from baseball entirely.

However, a slew of reasons conspired to keep him from doing so. He had married his wife Kellen (who was not Janniel’s mother), for starters. After the 2014 season, Kellen gave birth to Juan Diego.

However, there was one individual who was able to tap into Segura in a manner that no one else could at the moment.

Segura had long admired the Dominican and reached out to him in the midst of his difficulties two years ago. Segura recalls crying during chats with the Mariners’ second baseman.