Where Is Mickey Moniak Now?

Where Is Mickey Moniak Now?

Mickey Moniak is with the Philadelphia Phillies. He has been with them since 2020

In the final game of spring training, Mickey Moniak was forced to sit on the bench when a wayward fastball fractured his wrist, preventing him from participating in his first Philadelphia Phillies’ Opening Day.

This was the first time the former No. 1 overall pick had made the Opening Day roster since making his MLB debut in 2020. Worse, he’d been set for center field, a major honor and a clear indicator of how far he’d progressed in a few weeks.

Mickey Moniak
Mickey Moniak

It was Nick Castellanos’ message to youngster Moniak that demonstrates how much this team values teamwork and camaraderie: “I’m really sorry for your loss,” Castellanos said to Moniak.

I can’t help but feel sorry for her. I explained to him that even though he’s in the IL, I believe it’s critical that he join us on our trip.

A great spring for him, indeed. I don’t want him to feel isolated because of this unfortunate incident. So my message to him was, “Hey man, join us on our journey. Make a contribution.'”

A player who has only played 29 games with a drastically different Phillies roster while on the Injured List with long-term illnesses can feel isolated while on the Illness List.

If Moniak stays with the squad, as Castellanos suggests, he will be able to learn from his colleagues and get more familiar with the pitching of the opposition.

However, while Moniak has been permitted to bat practice, throwing will be out of the question for the time being.

While they wait for Odbel Herrera and Justin Moniak to develop, the Phillies will stick with Matt Vierling as their primary centerfielder.

It’s fantastic to see this squad emphasizing staying together as we wait for the results.