What Is Tommy Townsend’s Salary: How Much Does Tommy Townsend Make?

American football punter Thomas Townsend is now employed with the Kansas City Chiefs of the National Football League.

Townsend is a member of the Kansas City Chiefs. On November 12th, 1996, Townsend was brought into this world.

His secondary education was at William R. Boone High School in Orlando, Florida, which is located in the state of Florida.

His first year of collegiate football was spent with Tennessee, and then he made the decision to transfer to Florida for his sophomore year of play.

Johnny, who is his brother, is also a punter. He has played the position professionally and attended the University of Florida throughout his time as a student.

In anticipation of Devon Townsend’s debut season as a professional football player in 2020, the Pro Football Writers Association has chosen him to be a member of their All-Rookie team.

On November 1, he completed the first throw of his professional career while the New York Jets were deceived by a fake punt.

This occurred as the New York Jets were playing the game. The 2020 season came to a close with him having punted the ball 52 times for a total of 2,339 yards in the net, giving him an average of 44.98 yards per punt.

Townsend got six attempts to punt while the Chiefs were playing for the Green Bay Packers in Week 9, and he averaged 56.8 yards for each attempt.

His second career completion went for 16 yards and came on a play that was designed to look like a fake punt. For the month of November, Townsend was selected as the American Football Conference (AFC) Special Teams Player of the Month.

His placement on the Reserve/COVID-19 list occurred on the 24th of December, 2021, and his activation occurred on the 29th of the same month.

How Much Does Tommy Townsend Make?

His annual salary is estimated to be 764,167 dollars on average. In the year 2022, Townsend’s starting pay will be set at $895,000.