What Is Justin Herron Salary: How Much Does Justin Herron Make?

In the year 2020, the Patriots selected Herron in the sixth round of the NFL draft. His arrival in the league coincided with one of the league’s most peculiar offseasons in its entire existence.

Herron played in a total of twelve games during his first season as a professional, despite the fact that the Coronavirus affected the whole league and drastically reduced the number of opportunities available to rookies throughout the spring and summer.

Justin Herron
Justin Herron

As a result, he will approach the year 2021 with some amount of experience, despite the fact that it will pale in comparison to the six years he spent studying at Wake Forest.

Due to the fact that his deal did not meet the criteria for Top-51 status during the offseason, the Patriots are only counting his fully-guaranteed signing bonus proration against their salary cap at the moment.

Herron is currently in the midst of the second year of his rookie contract, but the Patriots are only required to pay him a total of $43,117.

However, once Herron is added to the 53-man roster, his base salary of $780,000 will be factored into the calculation, resulting in a combined cap amount of $823,117.

How Much Does Justin Herron Make?

On a yearly basis, Justin Herron earns an average of $866,865 in compensation. In the year 2022, Herron’s starting salary will be 895,000 dollars.