What Is Domingo Germán Salary: How Much Does Domingo Germán Make?

On April 10th, he made his second start and went 4 innings, giving up another pair of long balls to Austin Meadows and Randy Arozarena, as well as another 4-0 loss.

He was sent down to the team’s backup training site after the game. He returned on April 22nd, when he earned his first win of the season, a 6-3 victory over the Cleveland Indians, and then returned to his usual spot in the starting rotation.

He improved to 4-2, 3.05 with a win on May 20th, but he then hit a rough patch, as did the Yankees as a whole, as he failed to win any of his next seven starts and his ERA soared to 4.50.

He had a memorable day on July 7th, though perhaps not for the reasons he would have preferred, as he was removed from a scheduled start on the road against the Seattle Mariners due to an emergency root canal procedure.

When he was still in the game, he became a poster boy for the miracles of modern dentistry, pitching 3 innings in relief and striking out 5 batters in a 5-4 Yankees victory.

 How Much Does Domingo Germán Make?

The average annual salary for Domingo German is $1,750,000. Germans will earn a base income of $1,750,000 in 2022.