What Is Victor Caratini Salary: How Much Does Victor Caratini Make?

Despite a strong showing last season, Chicago Cubs catcher Victor Caratini may not have a long-term spot on the team due to the team’s catching depth.

That is self-evident. The 2020 Major League Baseball season is surrounded by uncertainty.

Victor Caratini
Victor Caratini

Nobody knows if all of the teams will play in Arizona or if they will split up and play in the Cactus and Grapefruit Leagues. However, this does not exclude us from assessing the Chicago Cubs’ long-term prospects.

Willson Contreras has the catcher’s job on lockdown for the time being. The two-time All-Star is one of baseball’s best catchers, bringing a ferocious fire to the field on a regular basis.

Contreras will be available on the open market following the 2022 season, regardless of whether the 2020 season is successful. He appears to have enough left in the tank as he enters his age-28 season.

But, faced with the difficult option of who to extend, the Cubs may not have the financial means to keep him long-term.


Much Does Victor Caratini Make?

Victor Caratini makes an annual average salary of $2,000,000