Justice Hill Sibling: Who Is Justice Hill Brother, Dax Hill?

Justice Hill Brother, Dax Hill is a versatile player who has the ability to play all over the secondary. With his physical nature, he performs best when he’s close to the line of scrimmage. He relies on his physicality in the run game, with good strength and aggressive tackling.

Though Hill has very good speed and movement skills, he can fall out of phase downfield. He can get turned around at times in the passing game. A slower reaction and breaking ability can allow receivers a step on him.

Hill tallied the most on-ball production of his career in 2021, but he still struggled at times when matched against better receivers. His hip tightness paired with his hesitation to locate the ball downfield caused him to struggle in the passing game.

Hill is at his best when working in the intermediate to a short area of the field and when he is allowed to play the game moving forward, with the play in front of him. His physical nature allows him to fit the run game as well as occasionally blitz.

Hill will need to use his strength and physicality in the slot once he reaches the NFL. Though he lacks the twitch necessary there, he can also try playing safety full-time.