What Team Is Chris Stratton On?

What Team Is Chris Stratton On?

Chris Stratton is with the Pittsburgh Pirates of Major League Baseball.


Because the Pittsburgh Pirates have been so active in deals over the last two years, they’ve been the subject of numerous fake trades on this site.

Chris Stratton
Chris Stratton

Today, I’d want to look at a few intriguing trades that Baseball Trade Values thinks are worth considering. What are any fair trades involving right-handed reliever Chris Stratton that the Pirates believe are still possible post-lockout?

Let’s take a look at Chris Stratton before we get into the first proposition.

When the Pirates bought his contract from the Los Angeles Angels, he was a former first-round choice. Stratton has a 3.69 ERA, 3.76 FIP, and 1.33 WHIP in 156 innings since being acquired.

In addition, he has a 25.7 percent strikeout rate, a 9.1 percent walk rate, and a 1.10 HR/9 ratio.

He pitched in 79.1 innings last season, with a 3.63 ERA, 3.76 FIP, and 1.3 WHIP. He struck out slightly over a quarter of batters (25.5%) while still having a manageable walk rate (9.8%) and home run rate  (1.02).

While none of Stratton’s efforts stand out, he is generally good or better in whatever he performs. He also throws fastballs and curveballs with among of the highest spin rates in MLB.

Stratton isn’t quite young, as his age-31 season will be in 2022, and he only has two years of control left.

Given the circumstances and the fact that he’d fit in practically any bullpen, the Pirates could attempt to deal with the reliever. On Baseball Trade Values, Stratton has a value of 0.7.

It’s highly subjective, as is anything involving trade value. A team that lacks relief pitching depth may be more willing to give up more, whereas a team that has relief pitching depth will be less likely to give up a notable prospect.

Don’t take these trades since they don’t account for what a team would value or require, or what the Pittsburgh Pirates are actively hunting for or need to bolster.