Griffin Jax Children: Does Griffin Jax Have Any Kids?

Griffin Jax, a rookie right-hander for the Minnesota Twins, knows that his wife, Savannah, operates on a different level of stress and pressure than he does on the mound.


There is no doubt in Jax’s mind that his job is difficult. That’s not a problem for me, because I’ve heard what she has to do and all that.



On Armed Forces Appreciation Day, the Minnesota Twins honored veterans and active service members from all five branches of the United States Armed Forces by donating seats in the suites level to more than 30 military families.

The honorees displayed photos and posters of their loved ones who had been slain in the line of duty.


Due to security considerations, Griffin Jax can’t say when, where or why Savannah Jax is leaving, but he can tell you that she’ll soon be putting her life on the line for her nation once more.

‘I was scared about it last year,’ Jax confessed. In terms of location, this year she’s going to a nicer one. I think it’s a little less risky.

This year’s goals are a little different than the previous year’s. There’s always a small amount of concern when traveling to a foreign country.

During her stay in that country, she’ll encounter a number of challenging situations. I’m pretty sure she’ll be safe, on the whole. In the end, they’ll get it done.

Does Griffin Jax Have Any Kids?

Griffin Jax does not have any kids currently.