What position is Brandon Stephens?

Cornerback Timothy Brandon Stephens plays for the National Football League’s Baltimore Ravens. Timothy Brandon Stephens is his full name, and he was born on December 29, 1997.

He played collegiate football while attending UCLA and SMU. Stephens grew up in Plano, Texas, where he attended Plano Senior High School for his high school education.

His senior year saw him sprint for 1,389 yards and 15 touchdowns, earning him a spot on the All-State team.

Stephens had earlier declared his intention to play collegiate football for Stanford, but he later changed his mind and chose to play for UCLA instead.

Stephens’ initial position throughout his UCLA collegiate career was running back. Stephens decided to leave the team after his junior year, during which he played in just two games and finished his studies in three years.

The Baltimore Ravens used the 104th overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft to choose Stephens. This occurred in the third round of the draft.

On July 21, 2021, Stephens will sign a rookie contract with the Ravens that will last for four years.

What position is Brandon Stephens?

The cornerback for the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League is American football player Timothy Brandon Stephens. Stephens is a member of the Baltimore Ravens.

He spends the majority of their time covering receivers, but also has the ability to blitz and defend against offensive running plays like sweeps and reverses.

They caused turnovers by making tough tackles, intercepting passes, and diverting throws in the offensive direction.