Is Tom Brady going to the Miami Dolphins?

Tom Brady

The Miami Dolphins’ possible engagement with Tom Brady may have ended today with the news that the QB would be joining FOX.

Tom Brady signed a deal to serve as FOX Sports’ primary NFL analyst. However, there is a catch. Once Brady’s playing career ends, only then will he start his new employment.

In total, Brady will receive $375 million over the course of his 10-year FOX contract. He will soon be among the media industry’s highest earners. The 10-year mark won’t begin to count down until he formally leaves the NFL. When exactly that will occur is, of course, the big question.

Is Tom Brady going to the Miami Dolphins?
Is Tom Brady going to the Miami Dolphins?

Brady did, in fact, retire this offseason, and he might have joined the Dolphins if not for a lawsuit filed by Brian Flores. It was previously speculated that Brady will become a minority owner of the Dolphins in the near future, but that prospect has already faded.

Expectations that he will join the Dolphins have diminished appropriately in light of this new contract. Although there will be much conjecture regarding Brady’s future after this season, it appears quite certain that he will be a broadcaster. Brady is not expected to return to the Buccaneers next season.

Since speculations began after the termination of Flores, Dolphins supporters have been at odds over Brady. Would the Buccaneers be willing to deal him to the Dolphins this season?

After the season is over, does he plan to take a position in management or become a part owner of the Miami Dolphins? We can’t say for sure, but with a fat paycheck waiting for him down the road, it seems highly unlikely that he’ll play another down in the NFL.