What Team Is Elias Díaz On?

Diaz’s signing by the Colorado Rockies in January 2020 with an invitation to MLB spring training was viewed as a chance for the catcher to catch lightning in a bottle twice.

The year before, his attacking numbers had fallen by over 60%, and his defensive numbers had fallen even worse.

When it came to his offensive, Diaz’s OPS+ went from 60 to 63 in the pandemic-shortened season of 2020, but his defense improved.

Elias Díaz
Elias Díaz

Diaz’s offense was practically nonexistent in the 2021 season, as he was batting .123/.191/.185 with a wRC+ of -9 as of June 3. (or 109 percent lower than the MLB average).

While many Rockies fans wanted Diaz designated for assignment, manager Bud Black and others believed that Diaz would eventually change his ways at the plate, therefore the Rockies elected to keep him.

As of June 3, Diaz is batting .284/.348/.568 and has a wRC+ of 128, which is one of the finest offensive streaks of his career.

Since the 25th of June, Diaz’s performance has improved even further, as seen by his .306/.363/.637 slash line and a wRC+ of 148.

Since August 3, Diaz has been hitting around the same, with a wRC+ of 132 and a batting average of .318/.362/.568.

Rockies manager Bud Black was questioned about what he has seen from Diaz at the plate that has helped him turn the corner before Friday’s series opener with the Arizona Diamondbacks.

What Team Is Elias Díaz On?

Elias Díaz is with the Colorado Rockies team. Diaz and the Colorado Rockies agreed to a minor league contract on January 6, 2020.