What Is Sterling Shepard Salary: How Much Does Sterling Shepard Make?

The New York Giants and veteran wide receiver Sterling Shepard have reached an agreement to reduce Shepard’s $12.495 million salary charge in 2022. 

The basic pay for Shepard this upcoming season was set to be $8.475 million. There were rumors that the organization wanted to cut Shepard’s salary to the bare minimum for a vested veteran ready to begin his seventh season, which would have been roughly $1.12 million.

According to the revised agreement, Shepard, who was previously signed until 2023, will now be eligible for free agency one year earlier than previously agreed.

It is unclear how big of a salary reduction he agreed to or if he will be given the opportunity to make up for lost wages, but since the Giants could have saved $4.5 million by just not re-signing Shepard, that is a reasonable assumption.

Shepard tore his Achilles in Week 15, which might prevent him from being available for the start of training camp. Shepard’s return to the field is anticipated, giving Jones a safe pair of hands to throw to in what will be a pivotal season for the quarterback.

How Much Does Sterling Shepard Make?

Sterling Shepard was supposed to make $8.47 million in base pay in 2022, and his salary cap hit was supposed to be $12.4 million.