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We all know that this season and next season are a wash for Kansas City Royals supporters. The squad will be competitive for the first time in 2020, but even then, postseason ambitions should be tempered.

Ryan O'Hearn
Ryan O’Hearn

Ryan O’Hearn, who the Royals chose in the eighth round in 2014, is one fascinating potential for the following wave, at least in my perspective. This year, O’Hearn is finally getting his chance to shine, and he’s done a fantastic job so far.

The slash line for O’Hearn is .200/.314/.500, but it’s the three home runs and eight RBI that should have fans thrilled. So far, this youngster has been slamming pitches, which is impressive for a rookie.

The issue with O’Hearn in the future is where the Royals will use him. Even with a team nearly 50 games below

.500, he’s having trouble finding playing time because Ned Yost believes Lucas Duda should be on the ice all of the time.

O’Hearn has only played first base in four of his nine starts so far. In the other five, he was the designated batter. Unless the Royals decide to move him around the field, O’Hearn is deserving of playing time at first base this season.

The latter makes sense, given the Royals’ first-round draft pick from last year, Nick Pratto, is expected to be the team’s first baseman during the next wave of contention.

If Pratto proves to be a success (please cross your fingers), O’Hearn will need to be relocated.

It’s worth mentioning that Pratto is only 19 years old and will have to wait a few years for his Major League call-up, but where will O’Hearn go once that happens.

 How Tall Is Ryan O’Hearn?

Ryan O’Hearn stands at a  height of 1.9 m.

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