Randy Rodriguez Salary: How Much Does Randy Rodriguez Make?

Randy Rodriguez beat out Diego Rincones, Prelander Berroa, and Seth Corry for a spot on the 40-man roster. For a couple of reasons, Rodriguez’s selection over Rincones and Berroa is intriguing.

The first is that, in the public’s eyes, Rincones and Berroa are better prospects than Rodriguez, who was a relatively unknown prospect coming into 2021.

The second, and more intriguing, the reason is that Rincones did well in AA this year, and it would be a mistake to keep him unprotected in the farm system, where a team could plunder his bat.

Rodriguez did not make a big splash as the 2021 season began. I wasn’t familiar with his pitch repertoire prior to 2018, but I did observe his mechanics while he was pitching in Rookie level.

To be honest, his numbers in the backfield were not very impressive, with ERAs of 4.28 and 5.40 in the DSL and AZL, respectively, but he appeared to have some strikeout potential, with 34 strikeouts in 27.1 innings in the DSL and 29 strikeouts in 25 innings in the AZL.

Rodriguez pitched well from May to July, posting a 3.21 ERA in 33.2 innings and 51 strikeouts.

In August and September, he went on a 28.1-inning scoreless streak with 50 strikeouts and three walks, compared to 20 walks in the first three months.

Rodriguez struck out 48 percent of batters he faced in August and September, induced 42 percent whiffs, and threw 71 percent of his pitches for strikes.


How Much Does Randy Rodriguez Make?

Randy Rodriguez earns a salary of $570,500.