Estevan Florial Children: Does Estevan Florial Have Any Kids?

The Dominican Republic has more than a hundred Major League Baseball athletes, but none from Haiti, according to ESPN’s stats.

Though a new Haitian baseball national team has been discussed in recent months, no word has come as to whether or not it will happen.

Last year’s Opening Day rosters included 82 Dominicans, according to ESPN, and we believe that some of these players may be Haitian-born but may not officially identify as such.

Estevan Florial
Estevan Florial


In the Yankees organization or maybe in all of baseball, if Florial can achieve his considerable potential, he could prove to be as excellent as or even better than any other prospect.

Florial is currently ranked by MLB Pipeline as the Yankees’ 15th best prospect.

In 2014, Florial signed a contract with the New York Yankees as Haniel d’Oleo. When he couldn’t produce a birth certificate, the contract was null and void.

After fleeing Haiti and moving to the Dominican Republic, Florial’s mother attempted to get her son enrolled in school, so she enrolled him under the name Haniel d’Oleo, and Florial took that identity.

Estevan would rise to prominence in the 2014 international free agent class as a result of adopting this new persona.

Does Estevan Florial Have Any Kids?

Estevan Florial does not have any children currently. He might have plans in the future to raise a family.