What Is Alec Anderson Salary: How Much Does Alec Anderson Make?

Anderson is obligated to fulfill all of the provisions of his UDFA contract over the course of three years, as this was the normal timeframe offered. It appears that he agreed to terms that were somewhat more advantageous than others, given that the overall amount of the deal is $2.578 million. There is a signing bonus of $18,000 included in the contract.

Last year, Anderson started all 10 of the games he played in for the Bruins, and the Bruins ran for more than 200 yards per game for the third consecutive season.

Alec Anderson
Alec Anderson

Although he has played as a guard at various points throughout his career, it appears that in 2020 and 2021 he focused solely on the right tackle position. Chip Kelly did not explain Anderson’s absence from two games at the time it occurred and did not provide an explanation for Anderson’s absence.

Anderson is one of eight players who are listed either as a tackle or a guard/tackle combination on the team’s roster. He will compete alongside players such as Dion Dawkins, Spencer Brown, Tommy Doyle, Cody Ford, David Quessenberry, Luke Tenuta, and Bobby Hart, who are all considered to be starters.

How Much Does Alec Anderson Make?

Alec Anderson gets paid an average of $207,000 per year. There is a signing bonus of $18,000 with his salary.