What Is Jacob Martin Salary: How Much Does Jacob Martin Make?

With the signing of the former defensive end for the Texans Jacob Martin to a contract with the Jets worth $15.5 million over three years, the Jets improved their pass rush depth.

Martin’s deal, like many of the contracts that Joe Douglas offered during this offseason, has a very low cap charge in the first year (2022), but it will increase in the second year.

Jake Martin
Jake Martin

According to Connor Hughes of The Athletic, his cap hits are projected to be $2.69 million in the year 2022, $6.15 million in the year 2023, and $4.65 million in the year 2024.

In a similar fashion, Martin’s base compensation increases from $1.035 million in 2022 to $4.25 million in 2023 and then $3.5 million in 2024 after having started at $1.035 million.

In addition to that, he will receive a signing bonus of $3.465 million, as well as roster bonuses of $500,000 in 2022 and $750,000 in 2023 for each of the following two seasons. In addition, Martin is eligible for rewards worth $3 million in the year 2024.

Martin’s only guaranteed pay is his base salary in 2022 and one million dollars of his income in 2023.

If Martin is released by the Jets after the 2022 season, the team will have a dead cap charge of $3.3 million but will save $4 million in salary cap space. If they let him go after 2023, they will have a dead cap of just $1.15 million but will have saved $3.5 million by doing so.

How Much Does Jacob Martin Make?

Jacob Martin¬†makes an average of $4.5 million a year. Martin’s base salary in 2022 will be $1,035,000, and he will get a signing bonus of $3,965,000. His cap hit will be $2,356,666.