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How Tall Is Jake Woodford?

Jake Woodford’s height is 1.93 m

Eight runs (five earned) were scored against Jake Woodford in just three innings during the Twins’ 8-1 victory over the Cardinals at Busch Stadium.

Aside from Lester and Happ, Woodford may be the last starter in the Majors for some time; Flaherty’s and Mikolas’ upcoming returns in August just add to the pressure.

There wasn’t a lot of aid for Woodford on Saturday. Rookie starter Bailey Ober and four Twins relievers held the Cardinals to one run in the fourth inning and 14 strikeouts, keeping them in the game for the most part.

The Cards’ first-inning blunder, which allowed the game’s first two unearned runs to score, did not help matters either.

A three-run homer in the third inning in a five-run third inning put an end to Woodford’s night quickly. Even in the Major Leagues, stretches like these aren’t uncommon.

It is expected that by next week, the Cardinals will have used 12 different starters, up from their current tally of 10.

Six of the Cardinals’ 10 starters are currently on the injured list, including Mikolas, Flaherty, and Carlos Martnez, who has been out for months at a time.

In August, the former two will return to the rotation, bringing a tandem that had been expected to be crucial throughout the season.

After winning 16 games as a rookie in 2019, Dakota Hudson is nearing the end of his Tommy John recovery process and will be ready to pitch in 2022 (and maybe as a reliever in ’21).

Since his debut in the Majors last season, Woodford has been bouncing between Triple-A and extended relief stints in the big leagues.

Now that he’s had his first set of consecutive starts in the Majors, the Cardinals hope that the output that comes with them will be long-lasting.

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