Dylan Floro Age: How Old Is Dylan Floro?

Dylan Floro played well for the Dodgers in 2020 after a rocky 2019 campaign. He pitched in a total of 25 games this season, making him one of the most used relievers.

Although his strikeout totals were about in line with expectations, his 4.1 walk % represented a career-high. He exceeded his previous record of 2.7 in 2019 by averaging 1.5 walks per nine innings.

Dylan Floro
Dylan Floro

Floro continued to rely primarily on his sinker, which was his go-to pitch. He did, however, throw it less frequently, with his use falling from 47.1% to 42.9%.

Floro added a changeup to his repertoire as his sinker was being thrown less frequently. He threw it 21.6 percent of the time in 2020, up from 3.8 percent of attempts in 2019.

He witnessed a 16 percent decline in the use of his four-seam fastball along with an increase in his changeup.

Floro got off to a fast start in 2020, much like almost every other Dodgers reliever. He had opponents hit below.200 against him through his first 10 games, and he gave up zero runs.

He only walked once while striking out eight times. Actually, Floro’s numbers from last season were exaggerated by just one poor performance.

His ERA stood at 1.71 before September 18. He raised all of his numbers while in Colorado by giving up three runs on four hits.

After the poor performance, he calmed down and didn’t allow another run to finish the season. If you exclude that outing, Floro would have only given up four runs in 23 and a third innings in 2020. Not at all awful.

When the Dodgers made their original postseason roster, Floro was the odd man out. He wasn’t on the roster for the NL Wild Card Series, but he was added for the NLDS and stuck with the team all the way to the World Series.

During the month of October, he made a total of six appearances and had an ERA over 5.00. He mostly has two poor performances and four excellent performances.

How Old Is Dylan Floro?

Dylan Floro is 21 years old. He was born on December 27, 1990.