Who Is Aaron Nola Girlfriend?

Coming to the basement pitcher’s personal life, there is not much to discuss however, Nola is of Italian descent on his father’s side. Aaron who is currently with the Philadelphia Phillies of Major League Baseball was born on June 4, 1993, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. His relationship status dawns down to the fact that he spends some time with one Hunter who happens to be his supposed girlfriend.

Nola was first drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays in the year 2011. He attended the Louisiana State University where he was known to have shared the same room with the likes of Major League Baseball infielder Alex Bergman. Nola according to the records was named the SEC pitcher of the year. He also won the National Pitcher of the year award In the year 2014.

The Phillies took Nola in the seventh round of the draft in the year 2014. He signed with the team around June 2014. It will interest you to know that he became the first Phillies pitcher to make his first major league appearance the season after he was drafted since the likes of Pat Combs. He was also the longest pitcher to record such a streak since Steve Carlton opened ten seasons in a row.

Aaron Nola
Hunter Jayde

Who Is Aaron Nola’s Girlfriend?

Aaron spends his free time with his beautiful girlfriend Hunter Jayde while he is not on the field. Thus his girlfriend is called Hunter. The pair have been together for some time now.