Who Does Garrett Stubbs Play For?

Who Does Garrett Stubbs Play For?

Garrett Stubbs plays for the Philadelphia Phillies. He joined the Phillies on On November 19, 2021, as part of a trade for minor-league center fielder Logan Cerny.

The Astros sent the Phillies catcher Garrett Stubbs in exchange for minor league quarterback Logan Cerny, the Phillies confirmed on Friday.

Garrett Stubbs
Garrett Stubbs

Stubbs is the Phillies’ second backup catcher after they acquired Donny Sands in a deal with the Yankees for minor league comeback points.

Stubbs, 28, completed three Major League seasons with the ‘Stros, batting .182/.238/.247 in a short sample size of 87 plate appearances.

Obviously, this isn’t a particularly great pass, but Stubbs has a far better Triple-A record, hitting .265/.418/.363 this season and bringing in a career-long line of .272/.369/.404 in parts of four seasons.

The Phillies don’t need a starter, especially because JT Realmuto is in the second year of a five-year contract, but Stubbs will join the Sands as a backup.

The former 1/8th-round pick has a strong defensive reputation, having produced a career-best 41 percent catch rate and a high target percentage (according to Baseball Prospectus) during his minor league career.

Stubbs also has a minor league option left, providing the Phillies some flexibility if they decide to pursue a more experienced backup to Realmuto.

Stubbs, on the other hand, appears more likely to take on a reserve role, as he hasn’t had much of a shot in recent seasons due to the Astros’ reliance on Martin Maldonado and Jason Castro.

Rather than trading with more experienced farmhands from a small alliance system, the Phillies used their latest draft class to add some more in-depth possibilities, as they did with the Yankees.

In moderation, it’s not a bad plan, especially given all of the players in today’s trading combination – Stubbs, Sands, and the correct Nick Nelson – can be trade choices. For numerous years, the depth was instantaneously controlled.