What Hand Does German Marquez Pitch With?

Germán Márquez is the Colorado Rockies’ top starting pitcher, regardless of whether he started on Opening Day.

One of baseball’s most underrated starters and a deserving All-Star last season, Márquez throws a wide variety of pitches with a sense of assurance and aggression.

The four-seam fastball has been added to his arsenal this year. The results, on the other hand, have been dismal.
Even though Márquez’s first start was delayed, things went well enough for him.

Germán Márquez
Germán Márquez

Despite Kyle Freeland’s impressive 28-22 record over the last three seasons, skipper Bud Black decided to give the Colorado native the start on Opening Day at Coors Field in 2022 in order to give him a jump start on his 2022 campaign and show his support for his hometown hero Kyle Freeland.

After allowing five runs in barely three and a half innings, Freeland was escorted off the field in a 5-3 loss.

Tossing seven shutout innings in game two, Márquez allowed only one run on three hits while striking out five batters.

The Rockies’ offense and bullpen failed to support Márquez in the final 3-2 defeat. In a wasteful effort, it only took Márquez 74 pitches to put the brakes on Los Angeles.

Since then, things have only gotten worse. It is far too easy to calculate his earned-run average of 9.0 for Márquez, who is 0-2 and has surrendered 35 hits and 19 runs in only 19 innings across his next three outings.

With his “stuff,” as measured by the velocities of his pitches and his 14-6 strikeout-to-walk ratio, it is clear that Márquez is still capable of striking out hitters. Because he’s missing some areas, the problem persists.

What Hand Does German Marquez Pitch With?

German Marquez is Right-handed. Right-handed pitcher German Marquez has thrown 2788 pitches this season.