Who Is Jonathan Schoop Girlfriend?

Rufino, Jonathan Jezus Schoop is a Major League Baseball second baseman for the Detroit Tigers and he is from the Netherlands.

He was a member of the Baltimore Orioles, Milwaukee Brewers, and Minnesota Twins in the past.

He represented Curaçao in the Little League World Series in 2003 and 2004 before becoming a major leaguer. In 2008, the Baltimore Orioles signed Schoop as a free agent.

The Orioles were represented at the 2011 All-Star Futures Game by Schoop and Manny Machado.

He won the Brooks Robinson Minor League Player of the Year award, which honors the top player in the Orioles minor league system. Schoop spent the majority of his minor league career at shortstop.

Baseball America listed Schoop as the Orioles’ third-best prospect and the 82nd-best overall prospect prior to the 2012 season.

Schoop was traded to the Milwaukee Brewers on July 31, 2018, for Jonathan Villar, Luis Ortiz, and Jean Carmona, all minor leaguers.

Schoop struggled to contribute offensively for the Brewers in the second half of the season, hitting .202/.246/.331 with a .202/.246/.331 line. Schoop also went hitless in all eight of his postseason at-bats with the Brewers.

Schoop signed a one-year, $7.5 million contract with the Minnesota Twins on December 6, 2018.

Schoop competed in the 2011 Baseball World Cup, 2012 European Baseball Championship, 2013 World Baseball Classic, and 2017 World Baseball Classic for the Netherlands national baseball team.

Who Is Jonathan Schoop Girlfriend?

Jonathan Schoop is dating Limayri Johannes. The couple have two children. Limayri Johannes is also from Curaçao.