Ryan Feltner Contract, Salary and Net Worth

The Rockies selected Feltner in the fourth round, largely as a result of his outstanding performance in the Cape Cod League (as a reliever).

He was signed for slot value ($434.7K). When he made his professional debut in 2018 with Grand Junction, the right-hander wowed with a stellar 30 2/3 innings, a 0.88 ERA, and an 11.4 K/9 rate.

When the team moved up to Low-A Asheville in 2019, they didn’t show any signs of continuing their dominance.
While his 5.07 earned run average was disappointing, his 8.8 strikeouts per nine innings were impressive.

An Asheville, North Carolina, stadium that is three runs higher than the average of his road starts did not help matters either, as 60 percent of his starts had taken place there.

On the bright side, Feltner’s 3.77 xFIP and.357 BABIP implies that he was unlucky to attain those numbers.

On 21 of his 25 starts in 2019 (against reduced pitch counts), Feltner went five innings or fewer (occasionally even with lower pitch counts).

He lasted six innings in each of the other four starts he made in April and May. For putting pine tar on his glove, he was suspended for two weeks and expelled from a game.

Scouting reports below indicate that there is a wide range of opinions as to which secondary offerings Feltner has to offer are the greatest.

Assuming he pitches in Coors Field in the future, I expect the Rockies to emphasize the 24-year-changeup old’s and slider above his curveball.

As the command/control grades range from 35 to 50, there appears to be a greater dispute over the chances of reaching major league efficiency.

According to MLB.com, Feltner is ranked 22nd in the system as an FV 40 talent.

Ryan Feltner Contract

The Colorado Rockies and Ryan Feltner agreed to a one-year, $700,000 deal, with a guaranteed $700,000.

Ryan Feltner Salary

Ryan Feltner makes an average of $700,00 per year. In 2022, Feltner’s base pay will be $700,000.

Ryan Feltner Net Worth

Ryan Feltner has a net worth of $500,000