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Rhamondre Stevenson is one of the more intriguing RB “sleeper” prospects in the 2021 NFL Draft.

The fact that Stevenson has only 165 carries to his name during his college career suggests that he is still developing and learning, but the footage demonstrates that the young running back has potential.

Rhamondre Stevenson
Rhamondre Stevenson

Stevenson has room to develop, just like any prospect. But there is undoubtedly a foundation upon which to develop. He complements his position with power and terrific stature, and he simply has a knack for making plays.

Although the results of the athletic testing may deter some teams and scouts, it is not unheard of for athletes with comparable physical abilities to succeed in the NFL.

Stevenson’s playing weight at Oklahoma was stated as 246 pounds, but at the Oklahoma Pro Day, he weighed in at 227 pounds. NFL scouts will want to know what weight he played at while in college.

Will his power remain the same if he loses nearly 20 pounds? Given that he didn’t carry the ball much in college, does he possess the skills to be a true workhorse running back in the NFL?

What college did Rhamondre Stevenson play for?

Rhamondre Stevenson has been to two colleges. He grauduated at the University of Oklahoma.

While in Cerritos College, Stevenson participated in two seasons of play before transferring to the University of Oklahoma.

He participated in the first 13 games of Oklahoma’s 2019 season before failing a drug test and was suspended for the 2019 Peach Bowl.

Rhamondre Stevenson College Statistics

2019 Jr. 64 515 8.0 6 10 87 1
2020 Sr. 101 665 6.6 7 18 211