Avisaíl García Parents: Meet Iris Yaguarin and Avisail García

Avisaíl Antonio García Yaguarin is a Venezuelan professional baseball right fielder for the Miami Marlins of Major League Baseball.

The baseball player was born on June 12, 1991 (age 31 years), in Anzoategui, Venezuela and has a very tall height that is known to stand at 1.93m

Avisaíl García
Avisaíl García

Avisail is married to his pretty wife by the name of  Anakarina Garcia with whom they tied the knot in the year 2013 and have been together ever since that time.

He is also known to be the son of his parents identied as Iris Yaguarin and  Avisail García.

The baseball player before joining the Marlins used to play in the major league baseball for some team like the Detroit Tigers, Chicago White Sox, Tampa Bay Rays and Milwaukee Brewers.

Avisail bats with the use of his right hand as well as throws also with the use of the same right hand as well.

He got the chance to make his major league baseball debut on August 31, 2012, for the Detroit Tigers. He also has an MLB statistics which consist of a batting average of 268 as well as a home run of 132 and 495 runs batted in.

Avisaíl García Parents: Meet Iris Yaguarin and Avisail García

Avisail Garcia’s parents are known by the names of Iris Yaguarin and Avisail Garcia.

Meet Iris Yaguarin

Iris Yaguarin is the mother of baseball player Avisail Garcia. She is known to have supported his son’s career as a basebal;l player from the onset.

Meet Avisail García

Avisail Garcia is the father of baseball player Avisail Garcia Jr. He is also known to have played a very key role in his son’s choice of career as a baseball player.