What happened to the Colts this year?

The Indianapolis Colts are an American football club that competes at the professional level and calls Indianapolis home. They are a club that is a part of the National Football League (NFL),

and they compete in the South division of the American Football Conference (AFC). The Indianapolis Colts have been a franchise that has hosted the NFL Scouting Combine every year since 1987.

The squad has competed in the Super Bowl twice, but both times they came out on the losing end, losing to the New Orleans Saints and the Chicago Bears respectively.

Following the conclusion of World War II, a second professional football league, known as the All American Football Conference, was established, and it started out by fielding teams for the 1946 season.

The Baltimore Colts were one of three AAFC teams that merged with the NFL at the time. The other two clubs were the Houston Oilers and the San Diego Chargers.

The Colts club, which was competing in the “major league” of professional American football for the first time in its history, participated in only the 1950 season before disbanding after the conclusion of the season.

What happened to the Colts this year?

After the Colts were defeated by the Jacksonville Jaguars by a score of 26-11, the season was over for the club far sooner than anybody had anticipated.

As the players and coaches travelled back to Indianapolis, they were filled with an intense and pervasive sense of despair.