Are DJ Moore and Curtis Samuel best friends? Are Curtis and Deebo Samuel related?

One of the players grabbing attention at the NFL Combine right now is Curtis Samuel.
The Carolina Panthers were unable to extend their business relationship with wideout and former second-round pick Curtis Samuel past last season.

Samuel ran a 4.31 40-yard dash at the league showcase event, living up to expectations that he would be one to watch at the annual gathering in Indianapolis. But it doesn’t mean DJ Moore, Samuel’s close friend and a current Panther, had to end their friendship.

Deebo and Curtis Samuel

Moore and Samuel formed an unshakable relationship as they started their individual NFL careers while they were teammates in Carolina from 2018 to 2020.

Curtis Samuel and DJ Moore were once teammates in the NFL, and their friendship dates back to their time with the Carolina Panthers.

Are Curtis and Deebo Samuel related?

Curtis Samuel and Deebo have absolutely no relation to one another. Tyquan Samuel is the name of Deebo’s brother.

Although Curtis Samuel and Deebo Samuel had different seasons in 2021, the Washington wide receiver may learn a lot from the 49ers star’s game going forward.

Aside from production, the two players’ skill sets are somewhat comparable. However, both players possess a skill that very few receivers possess: the ability to line up at different spots, particularly in the backfield, and induce mismatches in opposing defenses.