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Adam Parrish Wainwright, nicknamed “Waino” and “Uncle Charlie,” was born on August 30, 1981, and is a Major League Baseball pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Wainwright was born in Brunswick, Georgia, to real estate agent Nancy Wainwright and attorney Bill Wainwright.

When he was seven years old, his parents split and his father relocated to Florida, leaving only Wainwright’s mother to raise him and his elder brother Trey, who is now an attorney in Atlanta.

Wainwright credited Trey, his seven-year-old brother, with teaching him all he knows about sports after his father passed away, including building a pitcher’s mound in their backyard to teach him how to throw.

Wainwright was also involved in Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, and various religious organizations as a child, and he was a big Atlanta Braves fan.

Wainwright has a sinkerball that he throws at a speed of 90–92 miles per hour (145–148 km/h). He also throws a lot of cutters at 84–88 mph (135–142 km/h) and curveballs at 73–77 mph (117–124 km/h) that have dropped more than 8 inches from top to bottom of the pitch.

He also throws a four-seam fastball at 90–95 miles per hour (145–153 km/h) and a changeup at 84–86 miles per hour (135–138 km/h).

He employs all of his pitches against left-handed batters but does not employ the changeup against right-handed batters. Wainwright’s curveball is his most-used pitch in two-strike counts.

How Much Does Adam Wainwright Make?

Adam earns $8,000,000 per year.

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