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The Rule 5 Draft permits teams without a full 40-man roster to pick players from other teams’ non-40-man rosters.

The draft is conducted in reverse order of the previous season’s standings.

Freddy Pacheco
Freddy Pacheco

Players under the age of 18 must be added to their team’s 40-man roster within five seasons after signing or they will be eligible for the Rule 5 Draft.

Players that sign at the age of 19 or older must be safeguarded for at least four seasons.

Pacheco is much younger, at 23 years old, but his tale is very similar. He started at A+ and dominated with a K rate of 43.5 percent.

He was promoted to Springfield, where his K rate increased to 44.6 percent.

He dominated there before heading to Memphis for a brief stint, where he too missed bats at an incredible rate.

At both stops in the high minors, his walk rate dropped. In Springfield, he posted a 1.83/2.00 ERA/FIP.

As full-time relievers, Walsh and Pacheco hardly register on prospect radars, but they’ve both shown enough to pique the interest of MLB teams looking for cheap pitching.

Every MLB team is looking for low-cost MLB pitching. Both were properly added by the Cardinals, and because they are on the 40-man roster, they will be eligible for MLB action next season.

How Much Does Freddy Pacheco Make?

Freddy Pacheco’s salary is under review.

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