What Is A Rockie Dog?

What Is A Rockie Dog?

Concession stands at Major League ballparks across the country consistently report that hot dogs and sausages are their most popular items to sell. Fans come back year after year to consume their tried-and-true favorites and experiment with new versions that are frequently outrageous but always delectable.

When it comes to hot dogs, the motto at Chase Field is “go big or go home.” The stadium serves hot dogs and sausages that are 18 inches long, such as the Big Jalapeno Popper Dog and the All-Day Breakfast Dog, which is covered in a mountain of country gravy, fried eggs, and other toppings.

An 18-inch brat topped with an extremely unusual assortment of toppings, including jalapeno-apple coleslaw, fried mac and cheese, barbecue aioli, house-cured beer pickles, and green onion. This brat is known as the SI Cover Dog.

The Big Jalapeno Popper Dog is a one-foot-long all-beef hot dog made by Schreiner’s Fine Sausage that is topped with roasted jalapeo cream cheese, bacon, crispy jalapenos, and onions.

The All-Day Breakfast Dog consists of a hot dog made with Schreiner’s Fine Sausage that is 18 inches long and is served in a bun that is 16 inches long and is topped with hash browns, country gravy, Cheddar cheese, bacon, and fried eggs that are topped with Tapatio spicy sauce.