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Hamlin is a player with a wide range of skills who has been indispensable to the Pitt secondary for a number of years at this point. Through his performance, he has demonstrated the ability to align deep or close to the line of scrimmage.

He is equipped with the instincts necessary to read and respond to what he observes. Hamlin plays effectively in open space but suffers from a lack of speed and agility, which causes him to miss some angles.

In addition to this, he avoids too many tackles on occasion. Hamlin has shown enough flashes and has put together enough footage to be able to help give depth to a secondary, despite the fact that he has certain flaws in his game that need to be addressed.

Damar Hamlin Pros and Cons


  • Solid zone coverage awareness.
  • Plays man coverage effectively when given room to move.
  • When playing receiver, possesses above-average ball abilities.
  • Good reads and responses to the airborne ball.
  • Supports the run effectively and adopts strong initial angles to the ball.


  • Faster than average, but lacks the actual burst and direction shift necessary for coverage.
  • Receivers keep separating themselves during breaks.
  • Tackling is a question at times.