Do the Chargers and Rams have their own locker rooms?

The Los Angeles Chargers and Los Angeles Rams have moved into Sofi Stadium. The pandemic has severely restricted access to the facility, yet the author of this piece was nevertheless able to visit the Los Angeles Rams’ locker room to assess the situation.

Here is what it’s like inside Sofi Stadium’s locker room for the Los Angeles Rams. The absence of traditional “lockers” is the first thing that stands out upon entering the Los Angeles Rams locker room.

Chargers and Rams Locker

Instead, each player has a wall-mounted opening that functions almost like a personal closet.
The dividers that separate each “locker” are roughly the same size and shape as flags. On a sign above each player’s locker, the name of each player is spelled out in large characters.

On opposing sides of the stadium, the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers each have their own private dressing room. Apart from the athlete logos and names, the locker rooms are nearly identical.

The center of the space is totally open. Each locker is incorporated into the wall, forming a circle around the space. Clothes hangers and cubbies for cleats, helmets, and shoulder pads are provided in each locker.

Additionally, each locker featured a power outlet. A whole person can fit in each locker quite comfortably. As it was in June when the visit to the locker room was made, almost every locker was empty. Aaron Donald, however, forgot his cleats, shoulder pads, and helmet in his locker.