What Is Ashtyn Davis Salary: How Much Does Ashtyn Davis Make?

It took former Cal safety Ashtyn Davis a few extra days longer to strike an agreement than it did for almost every other player picked in the 2020 NFL draft, but he did it in the end. The New York Jets made the signing of Davis public on Thursday night after making the announcement.

According to a report by Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, Davis signed a contract worth $4.9 million over the course of four years. This is the amount that Davis was projected to obtain if he were selected with the fourth overall pick in the third round (68th overall).

Ashtyn Davis
Ashtyn Davis

According to Spotrac, he will earn approximately $900,000 in his first year (including his signing bonus), $1.12 million in his second season, $1.33 million in his third season, and $1.56 million in his fourth season, with the club having an option to extend his contract for a fifth season.

It is not obvious why it took Davis a few extra days to come to terms with the team than it did for other rookies who were drafted. There might have been some ambiguous terminology in the contract that needs to be clarified.

It is anticipated that Davis, who joined the Cal football team as a walk-on, will receive considerable playing time during his first season.

It is anticipated that he will serve as the Jets’ backup for starting safety Marcus Maye and Jamal Adams. Additionally, it is possible that the Jets would utilize him as a nickel back on occasion.

How Much Does Ashtyn Davis Make?

Ashtyn Davis makes an average of $1,229,346 per year. Davis’ base salary in 2022 will be $1,057,034, and his cap hit will be $1,341,104.