Yu Darvish Siblings: Meet Sho Darvish and Kenta Darvish

We can reveal that the MLB starting pitcher is not his parents’ only kid; he also has two brothers. We have still been able to learn a few things about them, despite the fact that they are not as well-known or that not much is known about them.

Meet Sho Darvish

Sho Darvish
Sho Darvish

The birthdate and profession of Sho Darvish are both unknown.

Sho’s occupation and other important biographical details, such as other significant events, are unknown. Nevertheless, he gained notoriety after he was found guilty of betting on baseball games in September 2016.

According to reports, the Osaka District Court found him guilty of taking bets totaling 110 million yen ($1.1 million) in addition to 10,000 yen ($100) bets on Japanese and American baseball games.

He received two years and four months in prison term for them, however it was suspended for five years.

Authorities looked into Yu’s role after Sho was detained, but they discovered that he had no part in anything.

Meet Kenta Darvish

Kenta Darvish
Kenta Darvish

On January 19, 1992, Kenta Darvish was born. He is an actor. The second most well-liked member of the Darvish family is Kenta.

He has established a solid reputation for himself as an actor in the entertainment business. He gained notoriety for his performance as Masahiro Tadenuma in the 2012 film Lesson of the Evil.

Regardless, he made an appearance in at least one episode of Jho Presenter Tokudane. Beyond them, it is difficult to draw any conclusions about Kenta.