What Is Adrian Houser Salary: How Much Does Adrian Houser Make?

How Much Does Adrian Houser Make?

Adrian Houser makes $2,750,000 as a payroll salary.


The story of Saturday night’s 4-0 Brewers victory over the St. Louis Cardinals was Adrian Houser.

Adrian Houser
Adrian Houser

Houser earned the franchise’s first complete-game shutout since Kyle Lohse in 2014, after abbreviated outings from Brett Anderson and Freddy Peralta in two of the prior three games left the bullpen a little fatigued.

Any shutout is noteworthy, but Houser’s performance against the Cardinals was particularly exceptional. He was a strike-throwing machine at the age of 29.

He struck out 25 of the 29 batters he faced on the first pitch, including the entire first round through the order.

Starting in the fifth inning and concluding in the seventh, he went seven innings without throwing a single pitch. As a result, the performance was extremely efficient.

To complete nine innings, Houser needed only 100 pitches, 76 of which were strikes.

Houser’s efficiency was excellent, but it wasn’t the most striking aspect of his performance. He not only filled up the strike zone, but he also silenced the Cardinals with a single pitch.

Houser, like other sinkerballers, always leans heavily on his finest pitch. He’d thrown it 53% of the time into last night’s game, with none of his other pitches getting more than 15% of the time.

On Saturday, he carried that technique to its logical conclusion, using his sinker for 71% of his total pitches.

The right-hander used the fastball to get 24 of his 27 outs, including six of his seven strikeouts.

While he did throw roughly 30 non-sinkers, it was evident that his main pitch did the majority of the work.

How did Houser manage to dominate with just one pitch, especially one that isn’t known for its effectiveness in today’s game?

For starters, his sinker is one of the best in the game, which is nothing new.

Houser’s sinker has been rated the second-most valuable in the sport by Pitch Info since 2019, at 34.6 runs over average.