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He had an OPS+ of 140 while he was in the lineup, hitting .283 with 8 home runs, 23 RBIs, and 35 games played. But on September 8th, he took the field for the final time in the regular season after suffering a right knee complaint.

He returned for the Wild Card Series, but he only played in one at-bat, getting a hit in a pinch.

As the Jays had six players to fill five positions going into 2021, the signing of George Springer as a free agent after the season once again cast doubt on Tellez’s ability to play regularly.

Rowdy Tellez
Rowdy Tellez

However, because Springer missed the majority of the first three months with a series of injuries, Tellez was given the opportunity to play occasionally.

He, though, got off to a bad start, going 0 for 21 before receiving his first hit. He never truly bounced back, finishing April at .183 with just one home run and three RBIs, and only slightly improving in May.

Springer was the one who was sent to AAA to clear space on the roster since, by the time he was finally fit to play in late June, he was still hitting just .209 with 4 home runs and 8 RBIs.

He was dealt to the Milwaukee Brewers on July 6 in exchange for reliever Trevor Richards, in a move where two competing teams used their strengths to fill a glaring hole.

What Nationality Is Rowdy Tellez?

Rowdy Tellez is American. He was born in Sacramento, CA USA.