Did Buffalo ever won a Super Bowl?

The Buffalo Bills appeared in four straight Super Bowls from 1990 to 1993. They never did, however, manage to win the big game, which is unfortunate for everyone in Western New York.

Due to their prolific offense, the Buffalo Bills were considered favorites to defeat the New York Giants in 1990; nonetheless, Bill Belichick and Bill Parcells’ defensive game plan proved to be the deciding factor.

Did Buffalo ever won a Super Bowl?
Did Buffalo ever won a Super Bowl?

Scott Norwood missed a game-winning field goal with the score 20-19 in the final seconds, giving the championship to the Giants.

The Bills made it back to the championship game the following year, but after falling behind early to the Washington Redskins, they never recovered and suffered yet another heartbreaking loss.

Buffalo qualified for the playoffs in 1992 as a wild card club and fought its way back to the Super Bowl. However, the Dallas Cowboys embarrassed them in the final game.

The Bills and Cowboys resumed their rivalry in the 1993 Super Bowl. Dallas won once more, despite the fact that the score was closer this time.

The Buffalo Bills are the only NFL team to have ever advanced to four consecutive Super Bowls. Additionally, they are infamous for never having won the big game.