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TBS which stands for Turn-based strategy. The game is known to be a strategy game where players are known to take turns in their playing stance. It is known to be fat different from the real-strategy where all players are known to play in a simultaneous manner. Some of the detailed examples are as follows ; Board games, Turn-based tactics, Mainstream computer games, Indie games, Open Source games and Browser games.

With the Board games, turn bases such as Chess, Reversi, Checkers and so on are what it entails. With the Turn-based tactics, it involves a kind of mission task that uses the Combat method that is at once disposal. The presence of tactical techniques are more evident and approachable in the game. Some of the examples are ; Fire Emblem, The Battle for Wesnoth, Poxnora, Silent Storm, Steel Panthers, World at War, Kings Bounty and so on.

Then when we come to the mainstream computer games, some of the examples include Did Meier Civilization movies in Heroes of Might Magic, Panzer General and so on. Then with the Indie games the examples include Golden age of Civilization.


How Can I Watch TBS Games?

You have the choice of DIRECTV STREAM, Sling TV, YouTube TV, and Hulu with Live TV. MLB, NBA, and March Madness 2022 games are broadcast on TBS in addition to original programming like American Dad, Wipeout, and Miracle Workers.

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