When did Nick Boyle get injured?

The beginning of Nick Boyle’s comeback included a caution that his career might be over.
On November 15, 2020, Nick Boyle had a left knee injury in Gillette Stadium. As he was carried off the field in the pouring rain, he displayed little emotion. His MCL, PCL, and meniscus were all torn.

He had a fractured knee and his hamstring had been torn from the bone. Boyle underwent surgery with the goal of being fit for the start of the regular season in 2021. Nevertheless, those aspirations were dashed when he required another treatment on his knee.

Nick Boyle
Nick Boyle

He becomes operational on November 8, 2021. Boyle is seen as an important contributor to the Ravens’ success in the running game since Lamar Jackson took over as the team’s main quarterback.

Boyle first sustained the injury during the previous season and made his 2021 debut in Week 11. He’s been getting additional rest this week, so he hasn’t practiced.

Boyle made a comeback to the field last year, but he was really hobbling. He realized he wasn’t or wasn’t even close to, the same player as previously. He’s “a new guy” now, according to coaches.

This offseason, Boyle shed 10–12 pounds, and his knee feels considerably better than it did the previous year.