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T. J Zeuch fully known as Timothy James Zeuch is a professional baseball pitcher who plays for the St. Louis Cardinals of MLB. Born on August 1, 1995, in Mason, Ohio in the United States, Zeuch commenced his interest in baseball when he featured in his college baseball games for the Pittsburgh Panthers. He was also drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays in the 2016 draft.

When he was a fresh student at Pittsburgh in the year 2014, he featured in several 15 games and made several starts amounting to nine. He commenced his professional career in the minor leagues with his first with the Toronto Blue Jays. He signed with them on June 17 in the year 2016 worth an amount of $2.175 million.

When we take a look at his Major Leagues, he earned a promotion from the Blue Jays in the year September 3, 2019. His promotion followed a first appearance against the Atlanta Braves. On July 25, 2021, he joined the St. Louis Cardinals which was a cash consideration exchanged.

T.J. Zeuch Net Worth

His net worth is not established, but it is believed that his net worth is between $1 and 5 million dollars.

T. J. Zeus Salary

His salary is not known as well.

T. J. Zeus Stats

Completions, 0. Time Played, 5h 28m 2s. Kills, 865. Assists, 238. Deaths, 73. K/d Ratio, 11.85. KA/d Ratio, 13.48. Headshots, 315.

T. J. Zeus Contract

Zeus’ contract details dawn in 2016 when he was signed by the Toronto Blue Jays on June 17 worth an amount of $2.175 million.

T. J. Zeus News

There is no latest news about T. J. Zeus at the time.

T. J. Zeus ESPN

Zeus ESPN information is not available.

T. J. Zeus Scouting Reports

Zeus made some self-analysis and recommendations on his performance.

“The thing I’m most proud of is the adjustment I made in Buffalo,” the 6-foot-7, 225-pound hurler said. “My first start in Buffalo was pretty good and then after that, I was pretty bad for four or five stars in a row.”

“Getting back to where I was last year, throwing more strikes, not walking as many guys, getting more weak contact and making more quality pitches, that adjustment — and having the big leagues looming in the back of my mind, trying to get up here, I was able to put that on the back shelf — and just worrying about getting better and pitching down there, helped me.”

T. J Zeus MLB

MLB reports are not well defined or not known.