What Did Jim Kaat Say About Nestor Cortez?

Twins pitcher Chris Archer struck out Tigers star Miguel Cabrera during the game’s broadcast on Bally Sports North on Thursday.

At that point, the veteran commentator mentioned Cortes as one of his favorite pitchers.

“Nestor the Molester,’ Nestor Cortes,” Kaat said. “Angles and different speeds. He’s a pitcher.” 

Cortes pitched seven scoreless innings in the Yankees’ 6-1 victory over the Angels on the same day.

During Game 2 of the American League Division Series last October, Kaat made a disrespectful remark about White Sox third baseman Yoán Moncada.

When Moncada took the field against the Astros in the first inning, Kaat and Buck Showalter discussed his potential.

When Showalter saw Moncada, he asked, “Can we have one of those?” “Get a 40-acre field full of them,” Kaat remarked.

Some viewers were offended by the remark because it reminded them of the US government’s pledge to grant freed slaves 40 acres of land after the Civil War. Kaat, on the other hand, went on to apologize for his remark to Moncada in the fifth inning of that game.

“I’d want to create a tiny break here,” Kaat explained. “In fact, I need to read this right now because earlier in the game, when Yoán Moncada was at the bat, I used a terrible choice of words that ended in a sensitive, harsh statement.” And I apologize.”

Prior to his days in the broadcast booth, Kaat spent 15 of his 25 MLB seasons pitching for the Twins.

What Did Jim Kaat Say About Nestor Cortez?

During a live broadcast on Thursday afternoon, Minnesota Twins broadcaster Jim Kaat referred to New York Yankees player Nestor Cortes as “Nestor the Molester.”