Zac Lowther Scouting Report and Prospect Ranking

Zac Lowther  Prospect Ranking

Zac Lowther is ranked 27 on the MLB prospect ranking list

Age: 25 yr
Height: 6-2
Weight: 235 lbs
Hits/Throws: L/L
Acquired: 2017 Draft – Round CBB
RuleV: Eligible


Physical Description

Unathletic build with a lot of fat. The shoulders are wide, but the body is hefty in the middle. This person has a strong lower body.

Projection options are limited at this point. When it comes to your health, weight can either help or hurt.

Has the build of a long-lasting starter, although he could be overtaken if care is not taken. The area around the midsection must be targeted.

Delivery & Mechanics

Repeatable and low-maintenance. A whippy arm movement in a 3/4 arm slot. A pleasant atmosphere pervades the mound.

On the third-base side of the rubber, it begins. Hands keep close to the chest during the balancing point of the step. A powerful, straight-to-his-plant-foot-extending high leg kick.

His lower body provides a good drive to the plate. In the throwing zone, the hips perform well. Pitches may sag if the arm lags sometimes.


88 to 91 mph. Moves and deceives more than it speeds. The ball appears to jump out of his hand because of his high spin speeds.

Around the plate, in a regular pattern. With confidence, he moves the fastball all over the zone. With confidence, he throws black into black.

As long as he’s in the zone and throwing down low, he’s at his most effective. The fastball command of the pitcher is above average. Ratings:45


Weird and wacky 72-73 miles per hour Lefties will have a difficult time because of this. This is a free-for-all. You have complete control over where it lands.

Because of their command, they are able to generate swings and misses. In the bottom third, this can be an above-average dish. Ratings:50


78 to 82 MPH. Slower than a curveball, but with a distinct tilt. The pitch is used more as a follow-up than a strike.

Curveballs are more effective against right-handed batters, although this pitch can be employed against left-handed batters as well. Ratings:40


An 83-85 MPH project is now in the works. Effectively separates itself from the fastball. When compared to his fastball, his changeup shows a distinct lack of command. However, if you put in the effort, you could flash average. Ratings:40

Control and Command

His demeanor is impeccable for his age and he doesn’t show any signs of being rattled. Sets up hitters in a way that results in a lot of soft contacts.

The fastball command has shown signs of improvement. Despite the lack of velocity, he has the confidence to throw it in any situation.

Consistency in secondary command is lacking. By regularly throwing his curveball and slider in the zone he can rise to his full potential. Exceptional knowledge of the game and the pitching mechanics. Ratings:Control: 55 | Command: 45


He makes up for his lower average velocity with a four-pitch mix that has helped him progress in the Orioles’ system.

The spin rate on his fastball and the ability to move the ball across the zone account for his high strikeout totals.

There are a couple of reasons why Lowther is an intriguing candidate. Because of his law of great stuff, he will have a much narrower margin for error when facing big league batters, even though he already has an advanced understanding of how to throw.

You have to admire someone who makes the most of what he has, and Lowther intends to do just that.

The Orioles may never consider him anything more than a backup starter or swingman, but they do see him as an important part of their staff in the near future.