What Disease Does Didi Have?

What Disease Does Didi Have?

Didi Gregorius has a Kidney disorder complication.

As a precaution, Didi Gregorius, the shortstop for the Philadelphia Phillies, wore wear a mask in Major League Baseball in 2020.

Gregorius revealed to reporters that he will be wearing face protection during the coronavirus pandemic since he has chronic kidney disease, which puts him at a higher risk for illness.

Gregorius will be holding a mask for the MLB season due to kidney disease -  Teller Report
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Gregorius did not give the impression that he was considering withdrawing from the game, stating that he is “very comfortable” with the situation because “everyone is following the rules.”

While doing a routine test during spring training in 2011, while Gregorius was still in the Arizona Diamondbacks farm system, doctors discovered that he had a renal problem in his right kidney.

He was out for the first two months of the season before returning to the starting lineup.

However, Gregorius stated that he had discovered a nice mask that allowed him to breathe normally while on the field:

“It has a built-in filter and everything in it, so it feels good to me.” I believe that wearing it will become second nature to me. I’m currently playing in it to get myself acclimated to the environment.”

After spending the past five seasons with the New York Yankees, Gregorius will be making his debut with the Philadelphia Phillies this season. In December, he agreed to a one-year contract with the team.