What Is Jonathan Schoop Salary: How Much Does Jonathan Schoop Make?

The Detroit Tigers have regained their footing. The club is getting ready for Spring Training in Lakeland.

Games have been scheduled, the lockout has ended, Miguel Cabrera is “in the best shape of his life,” and life appears to be returning to normal following the strike.

Jonathan Schoop
Jonathan Schoop

However, this implies that all of the previously unaddressed questions surrounding the Detroit Tigers ahead of the 2022 season have reappeared. One of them is where Jonathan Schoop will slot in best on this Tigers squad.

While it appears that Schoop will remain at second base for the whole 2022 season, there’s a potential he’ll be forced to become a Swiss Army knife utility player for the Tigers.

Schoop agreed to a $7.5 million contract extension that will keep him in Detroit through the 2022 season. Since joining the squad, he’s shown to be a valuable addition to the lineup and the locker room.

Schoop, a nine-year major league veteran who has been traded and moved around positionally, is used to change. He’s used to traveling with the Tigers, who have done so several times during his career.

In 2021, the Tigers added first base to his repertoire of skills. While he will not be required to play first base in 2022, his versatility will be a huge asset to the Tigers.

After all, in 156 games played in 2021, he hit .278/.320/.435 with 22 home runs and 84 RBI. This Tigers club is having a fantastic season and appears to be on the mend.

How Much Does Jonathan Schoop Make?

Jonathan Schoop makes an annual average salary of $7,500,000.